MDClone ADAMS Healthcare Data Platform

The Healthcare Data Platform

Shine a new light on your healthcare data with our powerful, self-service, multi-source data exploration environment.

Designed for healthcare teams, not programmers, the ADAMS health platform will transform how your organization interacts with data for better outcomes across the board.

Real Solutions for Real Insights

ADAMS Centers are powered by data exploration.  Unlike traditional analytics platforms, MDClone ADAMS is the only platform that enables a dynamic and fluid process for data exploration, analysis, and action by any user. 

MDClone customers accelerate data access and streamline efforts, enabling a self-service, agile environment for quick, accurate answers to your critical questions. Every day, clinicians log into our system to ask questions like:

The ADAMS Center Experience

Built by MDClone in partnership with leading health systems around the globe, the ADAMS Center reimagines the way data is used to transform the health system: serving as the health system’s hub for empowering clinical teams to lead meaningful change to care delivery by dramatically streamlining data-related activity. 

The ADAMS Difference

The ADAMS healthcare data platform empowers users to:

Reduce waste: Engage your data teams more effectively on the higher value, strategic work by allowing your front-line workforce to have a continuous dialogue with your data with no administrative burdens.

Drive speed-to-value: Increase the value of untapped discoveries within your health system by empowering your front-line innovators to quickly test and take action on research, innovation, performance improvements, and quality improvement opportunities.

Unlock your data: Safely and securely facilitate collaboration outside the walls of your health system so you can drive clinical innovation, partnership expansion, and new revenue streams from your data assets.

Create your competitive advantage: Weave a continuous learning culture into your health system to drive strategic innovation by leveraging the ADAMS Center hub approach to turn

What Does ADAMS Stand For?

Ask and Interact with Your Information

Engage with all data elements, including clinical and non-clinical patient-oriented information as well as structured and non-structured information. Ask questions in a repeatable and dynamic process with easy-to-use filters, categories, events, and search capabilities.

Discover and Explore

Create new events and layer new data sources. Use terminologies familiar to you, without programming skills, so you can instantly and independently engage with your data, without mediators.

Act and Drive Meaningful Change

Based on your discoveries, refine and customize workflows and operational processes while educating teams on improved methods of patient care. Document findings and share them seamlessly with your team.

Measure and Visualize Results

Compare findings, set key results, and visualize impacts so you can easily see areas of improvement, discrepancies, and gaps in care for any event on the care path of a patient.

Share Your Discoveries with Synthetic Data

Easily collaborate across teams or around the world by comparing benchmarks, working together on research initiatives, and sharing information securely through synthetic data.

Data Discovery Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard

Navigating data in a healthcare system can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Answering simple questions can take months or longer due to siloed systems, complex data models, unstructured data, privacy regulations, and limited availability from overburdened IT and data teams.

The layers between operators/clinicians and their data create friction between departments, resulting in frustrated clinicians, frustrated IT staff, wasteful bureaucracy, inability to scale insight generation, and missed opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

The ADAMS Platform exists to change this dynamic. The healthcare data platform enables users to engage in independent self-service discovery, interact with all patient data from any source, leverage unstructured data, and collaborate freely using synthetic data. This allows leadership to nurture innovative ideas from the front lines, increasing the volumes and speed-to-value of quality and research projects.

The promise of extracting actionable value from data doesn’t come from fancy programs but from enabling an entire organization full of talent to explore and discover opportunities within that data. Your return on your data investment — including the resources you spent mining that data — cannot be fulfilled unless you enable more frequent and more responsive exploration of your data.

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A Fundamentally Different Approach to Unlocking Healthcare Data

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Proven Success

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Awards & Recognition

MDClone has recently been selected for several notable awards for the MDClone ADAMS Platform: Medtech Breakthrough Award 2021, 2022 and 2023 for Best Healthcare Big Data Platform, as well as the 2021 Technology Pioneer Award by the World Economic Forum. 

The success doesn’t stop there, in the 2023 Black Book Awards, Black Book Research named MDClone the No. 1 quality, diagnosis, and treatment data platform for health systems.